Alternatives to the Christmas Sweater- Blogmas Day 3

Looking for something different in the way of festive fashion this year? Here’s my pick of fabulous alternatives to the more traditional Christmas sweater.

Candy Cane cardigan– Hell Bunny

Rabbits with Antlers jumper- Marks and Spencer

Off Duty Elf Sweatshirt- Selfish Mother x Save The Children 

£10 from each purchase goes to Save The Children.  Other fab festive captions available too!

Snow Bunny Jumper- Truffle Shuffle


Buying Christmas Presents for a Newborn

Before Mini Holpepper was born I was determined not to spend much on Christmas gifts for her this Christmas.  At 7 weeks old with no concept of the season and no ability to even open wrapping there just seemed to be very little point.  I’d basically be wrapping things up for Mr H and I to open ourselves.  I can see a point if you have other children; you don’t want them thinking that Santa forgot to bring the baby anything, but for us, with just our one baby, it really did seem to be a pointless exercise.  My husband and I decided instead to put some money into a savings account for her- starting off a pot of money that she’ll be able to access when she’s 18 to help with university fees, saving for a house or buying a car.

I didn’t want to not get her anything full stop for Christmas so decided to make a few keepsake gifts.  My husband (a whizz at computer design and laser cutting) is going to design her a special decoration that marks her first Christmas whilst I’m currently in the middle of making her a board book with all of the members of her family in (something like this). 

However, since she’s arrived my idea one or two token presents has definitely grown.  I’ve not gone overboard (yet).  I’m remaining fairly frugal but there are just some beautiful items out there, some great deals in the sale and I just can’t help popping things into my online shopping basket!

Is it daft to buy and wrap presents for a child that doesn’t understand? Am I just doing it for me and my husband? Is it just for the photos? Should I stop overthinking things and just enjoy Christmas?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Blogmas

On my Twitter account in September I tweeted several times about my intentions to participate in Blogtober (blogging everyday in October).  Several days before a October began I decided it was a daft idea- I was due to give birth at the end of the month and thus was bound to never actually achieve my goal of posting every day.  As it happened I didn’t actually have the baby until 5th November so I probably could have given it a go… if I could have managed it despite the all encompassing fatigue that took a hold at the end.  

Anyway, I’ve decided to try and break my blogging slump by giving Blogmas a go- posting everyday until Christmas Eve! I haven’t planned what to write yet so there may be quite a few last minute posts but I think it’s a good way to get back in the saddle, so to speak.

This year is the first year in a while that I’ve actually been looking forward to Christmas.  As exciting and wonderful as the festive season can be, it can also be a very hard and lonely time of year.  My family has been through a number of bereavements over the past five years and it seemed as if each subsequent Christmas there was one less person around the table.  As merry as we tried to make it, there was just something missing, something not right.  Last year I was hoping it was going to be a more pleasant Christmas as no one had passed unfortunately myself, Mr Holpepper and my mum all got a stomach bug and then we had a power cut.  Christmas Day was thus spent in the dark watching my husband eat ginger biscuits.  Ho ho ho!?!

This year, having Mini Holpepper here has led me to look forward to Christmas a great deal more than I have over the past few years.  I know that at just under two months old she won’t understand or really be able to participate but just having her here makes me feel more ready to take on Christmas!

How are you feeling about the coming of the festive season? Are you participating in Blogmas? Are you organised for your posts or like me will you be winging it? 

Return to Blogging 

It’s been such a long time since I posted on my blog. My last post was written in April about a crisp obsession that I had developed in the first trimester of pregnancy. Over six months and a tiny daughter later my Pom-Bear phase seems such a long time ago. Throughout the year I did mean to return to blogging but pregnancy fatigue took a hold, meaning that it was all I could do to keep my eyes open during the daytime. 

Now that Mini Holpepper has turned up and I’m on maternity leave from my teaching post I’ve decided that it’s good time to return to blogging. I intend to keep blogging about books, film, geek fashion and home accessories but due to the recent huge change in my life there will more than likely be a certain amount of family/parenting content too. I look forward to getting back into blogging and hopefully getting more involved in the blogging community.  

My Pom-Bear Obsession

My diet is strange at the minute. I feel nauseous if I don’t eat something every hour or so but can’t face big meals, throw up every evening at about 9pm, I can’t really stomach food covered in sauce (which is a shame as I love chillis, stews, curries, pasta dishes), and I have developed an obsession with a teddy-bear shaped potato snack. Yes, I am pregnant. I constantly feel hungry in the pit of my stomach but the idea of eating anything too substantial just knocks me sick so I’ve found myself just eating junk. I can just about deal with a sandwich (especially Subway Chicken and Bacon Ranch… yum!!) but my go-to-food at the moment is a packet (or two or the whole multipack) of Pom Bears

Why Pom Bears? The saltiness really appeals at the moment. I’ve had similar cravings for Tesco Value Ready Salted crisps. You would think that therefore any salted crisp would be fine but I’ve found that the lighter and cheaper the more I like them. I really don’t know why but I am not as keen on the crispier higher quality varieties. It needs to be something where the salt is of a higher importance than the texture. 

I think it helps psychologically that each bag contains only around 79 calories. It does mean that I just eat several bags at a time (which can’t be good for me) but it makes me feel better about it. 

And the damn things are just so cute- they wave at you as you greedily grab them from the packet and shovel them into your waiting maw. Sometimes the left paw is up, sometimes the right, sometimes both- but none of this really matters. Only the salty crunch as you bite through the aerated potato of the bear’s limbs. So satisfying. 

The only problem is that they are so light I could just keep eating and eating and eating. 

What snack based obsessions have gripped you (either pregnancy based or not)? 

An Update

I haven’t posted for ages as I’ve had a lot of personal stuff going on (some of which I will update on soon). My anxiety/depression has reared its head somewhat and I struggled with keeping up with everyday stuff and work, let alone reading, reviewing and blogging.I haven’t been able to settle down and properly focus on reading a book in ages! I’ve re-read parts of favourite books but just can’t concentrate enough to really read a book that is new to me. This adds to a sense of frustration that just really builds and builds until I feel useless and that I can’t do anything. 

I’ve been battling and I’m feeling much better now…. gradually. I’m not saying I’m totally out of it but I’m on my way. 

Funko Pops

My husband and I, between us, currently own 5 Funko Pops and a couple of Mystery Minis.  We started off with Daenerys Targaryen but now we also have Coronation Anna (Frozen), Marty McFly, Pinhead, Freddy Krueger as well as mini Mickey Mouse, Benjen Stark and Winnie the Pooh.  The thing is, although we keep saying that we’ll stop here, these cute little blighters are quite addictive.  It’s really hard to know when to stop buying them and before soon we’re probably going to have a spare room full of the things.

I thought I’d write two posts this week about Funko Pops: today I’m writing about the Funko Pops currently available (or coming soon) that I covet; later in the week I’m publishing a post about Pops which I wish Funko would make.  The thing is, I thought this first post would be a bit of fun and a doddle- just nip onto the website, notice a couple of cool pops and then write about them.  Silly me.  I’ve had to throw my purse in the other room to stop me from buying about 20 Pops.  What started as a bit of fun has ended with a real case of craving!

Anyway, here are the Pops that I would love to have on the shelf in my office:

It’s a bit of an eclectic mix but then my existing Funkos are a bit eclectic too… I have Princess Anna stood next to a Cenobite!  There are quite a lot of Disney Pops that I really like.  I could actually have added many more of these! I’m already wishing I’d added Wall:E and Eve to the above mosaic!

My favourite of the above? It’s really hard to say.  Possibly Bing Bong (I was so upset when he didn’t make it!!!) or Effie Trinket.  Oh, but the French Taunter is so funny and Fat Amy is bad-ass and Gracie Law is beautiful.  It’s just so hard!

Which are your favourite Funko Pops?

(Please note- this post is not sponsored by Funko and neither was it prompted by them in anyway.  I was just browsing their range and inspired to write about the figures I really like).