Make Your Soul Grow

In 2006 a group of pupils from a High School in New York were set an assignment which involved writing a persuasive letter which would invite their favourite author’s to visit the school. Only one author, Kurt Vonnegut, replied.
This video, made by Dogtooth Films with pupils from Hove Park School in the UK, celebrates his letter and the message contained about using art to “make your soul grow.”
I think one of the risks of education in the UK at the moment is that it is all becoming too linear. We may create young people who know the dates of Kings and Queens or can tell you what a possessive pronoun is, but will the linear, knowledge based curriculum that we are moving quickly towards create well-rounded happy creative individuals?
Yes, knowledge is important…. but so is happiness… so is creativity… so is the ability to express your thoughts or feelings through art, music, literature, dance.
Vonnegut’s letter celebrates that and reminds us all that growing up is not just about learning, but finding out “what’s inside you.”
Surely that’s what we all want for our pupils and own children?